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It comes with great excitement to introduce you to our new London-based girls-wear label, Clauwd.

Designed by Raishma Islam; a contemporary British couturier, our debut Spring/Summer 2019 Collection reflects her eye for detail, forward thinking aesthetic and timeless approach to design.

Clauwd instantly elevates modern girls-wear with charming gracefulness in design and the practicality of functional cuts combined especially for children.

In a mixture of printed and woven fabrics, kind to the skin, Clauwd is a sweet choice for your confident little girl; suitable for a variety of occasions. The bubblegum-pink, collared dress with flower-stud motif and sky blue dress with heavily embellished sleeves are dreamy stand outs while grungier moments puncture the collection with jagged cut ruffles, black floral details and red lace. 

Clauwd looks forward to all of the exciting adventures yet to come with your little girl. Follow our journey now…

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